Online Hotel Registration System

Online Hotel Registration System (OHRS)

Guidelines for enlisting private hotels on Madhya Pradesh Tourism website(s)


1. Hoteliers can submit details of their hotel(s) after registering themselves on this website i.e. Listing of hotels will be done on the details have been examined and approved by MP Tourism.

2. Only operational units will be enlisted.

3. The particulars displayed on the website ( are only for tourist information. This information is based on the content provided by the hotelier.

4. The unit must possess all the permission / NOCs / Registration and license mandatory to run the hospitality business, from the concerned authorities.

5. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will not indulge in any type of marketing for any organization and the products and services offered by their units. The website is only meant to facilitate the tourists.

6. Both the web sites i.e. or are not a booking portal for private hotels.

7. The fees mentioned below is to get enlisted includes the verification/inspection charges carried out by the committee, and will be valid for 3 years.

Enlistment Fees

  • Standard – 2500/-
  • Deluxe – 5000/-
  • Super Deluxe – 10,000/-
  • Renewal Charges     Rs. 1000, 2000, 5000 each year.

    8. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is not responsible for the quality/standard/amenities, provided by the hotels listed on MPT websites.

    9. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board is not responsible for authenticity of the content, pictures, statistics, features, and any other material displayed on website of the organizations, enlisted in our web sites.

    10. The Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board will not entertain any complaints/queries or enquiries about the establishment/property and/or its owners/operators.

    11. The units will be categorized as per the marks obtained by them for which the rating parameters are as below:


    Sr. NO. Marks Category
    1 50-70 Standard
    2 71-90 Deluxe/up to 3 star
    3 90 and above Super Deluxe/4/5 star


    12. In case of any grievance / complaints please write back at

    Click on the link below to access Online Hotel Registration System (OHRS) portal.